Affiliate List – Review of the Top 5 Solo Ad Sites

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Generating genuine leads is hard to get by nowadays. It requires time, resources, and perhaps the technical “know
how”on internet marketing for it to work. If you’re missing one of these qualities, chances are you’ll end up frustrated with how slow and low converting your leads are. With how important having list is, it’s imperative that you start building your QUALITY AFFILIATE LIST as fast as you can (note that I emphasized on quality).

Having said that, if you want to build your list without having to go through a time consuming affiliate training, a viable option you can choose is using solo ad sites.

To make sure that you’re buying on solo ad sites on the right sites, I’ll give you an honest review on the top 5 solo ad sites today.


Created by Reed Floren, this site isn’t number 1 for nothing. They only display top notch solo ad sellers who’s known to provide consistent high opt-in rates for the buyers.

I and other solo ad buyers highly recommend this site. The unique visitors and excellent conversion rate the ad seller provides is top class!


Safe-swaps have two means of generating traffic,they do it through buying on solo ad sites and through ad swaps.

So I take that you probably already know how buying a solo ad work. But if you a haven’t heard of ad swaps, then a brief explanation for that would be two people who both have an affiliate list will promote each other through their lists. That way, they both gain from the arrangement since both gain more exposure from each other’s community.

If you want a solo ad site that’s known for quality and with good reputation, then Safe-swaps is definitely for you.


A unique feature that soloadadvertising has is that it has a very wide affiliate list (we’re talking about 25 different websites).

With all the options you have in Soloadadvertising, you’ll get highly targeted opt-ins from people that’s of the same niche. They also offer Mega Solo Ads that bring in quality leads.

My opinion about soloadadvertising? Two thumbs-up!


As their name implies, they offer email marketing with a $10 per ad pricing. What you’ll get for your $10 are 1000 to 6000 unique prospects monthly. With their new targeting feature, you can choose a wide variety of niches that you can have your email sent to.

With their professional ad writing feature and their third party click verification, their services can be considered as one of the best.

5.) provides you high quality solo ezine advertising and promises a whopping 100% double opt-in safe email advertising. This site’s rates is remarkably affordable.

You can get their service with a minimum price range of $2. With this kind of pricing, having an affiliate list won’t be as hard and expensive as you originally thought it would be.

It isn’t easy to build a large affiliate list with genuine members if you start from scratch all by yourself.

If you want to save time while building a list with high converting opt-ins, I suggest that you start doing paid solo ads now and go with the best paid solo ads site.

I hope the review is of good help to you. Before I end this article, I want you to know that I am as much interested to hear from you and what you have to say. If you have any experience whatsoever about solo paid ads, I urge you to share it in the comments section below so we can create an arsenal of ideas about solo ads. I hope to hear from you soon.

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