All about Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Queen memory foam mattresses are one of the softest, most flexible, and most beneficial health mattresses on the market today. But do you know how this first happened? Forty years ago, NASA was asked to make soft support for astronauts on the space shuttle.

They were specifically told that what they had to produce was a surface that could successfully absorb the effects of the body's gravitational force during takeoff and reenter the Earth's atmosphere. To purchase memory foam mattress online, you can go through this source: memory foam mattress – 624 Mattress in a Box

It took ten years and a Swedish company to make memory foam mattresses that we know today. Queen memory foam mattresses are so-called because there are always traces left on those who will smooth out after a while, like memories that will be forgotten over time.

This foam is widely used in hospitals. Those who are critically ill and seriously injured get the most benefit because this large rectangular pad has the capacity to take the form of the person lying on it. Lying is also reduced because there is no pressure applied to the body.

Over time, this large pad has garnered many requests. The unique open cell structure characteristics of this foam respond to body heat and weight. This means that no matter what contour or weight a person is in bed, memory foam will adjust to the body and shape it to allow a buffer that removes all stress.