All You Need to Know About Magnetic Rubber Sheet Roll

Magnetic Rubber sheets are different from the more recognizable metal magnet whereas the typical magnet is usually rigid in appearance; magnetic rubber sheets are generally flat and flexible. Because of these qualities, it is very versatile and has numerous possibilities.

It is thin and can be cut with scissors. Magnetic rubber sheet roll can be provided with adhesive backing and any colored face that is usually made of vinyl. It is available in sheets and rolls that are easily extruded into profiles and most profiles can be designed to order. Thin sheets can be cut to various shapes and sizes.

flexible sheet

There are many different uses for rubber magnets and typical applications are:

  • Vehicle signs
  • Planning board
  • Magnets printed for example; fridge magnet
  • Point of sale display

Flexible magnets will stick to the surface of the iron and are available in a variety of different shapes to suit various applications.

Some types of rubber magnets can include:

  • Steel band
  • Flexible strip
  • Letters or numbers
  • Magnetic label
  • Magnetic tape
  • Supported rubber sheet adhesives
  • Vinyl patterned sheet

The steel tape is not a magnet. It has an adhesive backing on one side and it attaches to a non-ferrous surface or non-magnetic surface which in turn allows the magnet to attach to it.

Flexible magnetic strips have adhesives applied to one side. They are paired up in pairs and are designed to be 'positively integrated'.

Adhesive flexible rubber magnetic sheets are easily cut or trimmed with scissors and are ideal for location markers, vehicle signs, and exhibits.