Application Form You Need to Travel to Russia

If you make a plan to visit Russia, you must get an invitation, also known as visa support. When you meet a Russian consulate, you should let you know if you visit as a business professional, or if you go to Russia to have fun as a tourist. Usually, applying for a travel visa means that the visa is only valid for 30 days.  

Visa support for Russia can be requested through a travel agent or travel agent. Travel agents are flexible, and will not stick you to pre-determined itineraries.  By registering online, you can print your document, and bring it to the Russian tourist visa consulate. By applying directly for your own visa, you will get a lower fee than through a travel company.  

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If you work in Russia for more than 7 days, you must register. You can do this in almost all the hotels where you stay. Affiliated Russian travel companies can be other places where you can register. You can be seriously fined by not registering when you enter Russia.

Russia is a country that you will never forget. This country is rich in culture and history, and you will want to take advantage of taking everything you can, whether you are there as a traveler or as a business professional.

Using a travel agency is a good way to ensure you have everything you need to visit the country. Having the right documents will ensure that your trip to Russia is a pleasant and satisfying experience. Contact the Russian consulate or your local travel agent for further guidance.