Bed Bug Detection And Control

Bed bug infestation can certainly cause frustration and disgust in even the small homes. Such pests are brown in color and oval-shaped and vary in size. You can also get expert services for bug control for your home.

The make-up of their shape allows them to easily move into small cracks and gaps, effectively hiding from the property owners and causing confusion and panic.

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If you suspect that your home has a bed bug issue, here is a guide to help you through the process of detection and bed bug control.

Step 1 – Inspect your body for bites that you may have received while sleeping. The bites are small, red marks, some of which will show a lighter circle of red around the exterior.

Step 2 – Check out all potential hiding spots in your home. Inspect your box spring and mattress, especially areas with holes or rips in the fabric.

Step 3 – Remove all of the drawers from your dressers and desks. Flip over your furniture items to properly inspect the bottom side.

Step 4 – Seal off any cracks and holes found throughout the room. These areas are common where pipes and wires enter the room.

If the issues have not been rectified, the best option is to call experienced bed bug control service which is capable of treating these types of infestations.