Blocked Drains – A Common Household Problem

Your bathroom and kitchen sinks are used every single day. So they are bound to break down or clog at some point. If they are used continuously by different people, they will surely get problems faster.

You can clog drains every time because a lot of material can accumulate in there. And what is more important is that a blockage can occur in some parts of which are not always easy to access. You can also hire experts for professional drain cleaning in North Dublin.

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A very bad time to experience blockage is the time when you are preparing to receive guests. Fortunately, not all blockages need a plumber to get fixed. The first step in the DIY task is to examine the issue with a critical eye. All you need is some normal tools (pliers, screwdriver, pull wire, etc.).


If you find that the blockage is positioned in a place where you cannot reach, contact a professional who can offer emergency services. You can try to fix or remove the blockage if you knew it was not anything important.


Try to approach this issue step-by-step. First, try to determine the cause of the entire blockage. When you have found the cause, you can start thinking about ways to solve this problem.

Natural solutions

Another way to unblock clogged drains implies some natural ingredients that can be found in most homes. Mix some baking soda and vinegar and pour it into the blocked area content and you will see how quickly your situation will get fixed.