Building Effective Brand Strategy Through Product Design

The arena of product design is changing. For companies intend to create a product that is enthusiastically received and win over time, it is no longer enough to just design them so that they function properly and look aesthetically pleasing.

For a product to have stickiness in the market today should reach consumers at a deeper level. Today’s new generation of product designers knows that the key to long-lasting, successful products lies not only in the look and feel of them, not only in their function but in the whole experience, from the first contact in the store, for the final disposal of the product.

At each stage, must be a meaningful and positive experience for consumers, fulfilling the aspirations and emotions.

This trend in the design, called “experience design”, underlining, at the most basic level, ignorance takes a reliable, aesthetically pleasing product and put it in a sealed package of shellfish aggressive it almost impossible to open.

It looks suspicious on a killer brand such as poor customer service, poorly written instructions and missing peripherals, such as a battery or mounting screws.

Frustration and anger customers should never be part of the consumer experience at any level. Unfortunately, negative touchpoints can occur anywhere, from poor merchandising, misleading advertising, difficulties in disposing of the product.