How do Drug Screening Kits Help In Drug Tests?

Drug Screening Kits are getting popular due to the increase in a number of a drug abuser. These kits are used in order to find out drug addicted individual. You may find the use such kits in large institutions as well as the small places like small businesses and schools.

Classification of drug screening kits

Drug screening kits have been classified on basis of different criteria which are listed below:

  •    Federally regulated or non-federally regulated test
  •    Types of the specimen being tested
  •    Number
  •    Types of drugs to be tested
  •    Types of a testing method according to the kits

You can buy drug test kit even online according to your own convenience.


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Drug screening devices are classified on basis of types of the specimen to be tested:

Urine drug screening kits

Urine drug is performed widely. In this drug test, the urine sample is collected in the urine cup in order to analyze the drug traces. Drug screening kits for this particular drug testing is available in three forms: dip, cassette, and cup.

Saliva drug screening kits

With saliva drug testing you can detect the drug taken recently. In urine drug test you can do rapid drug screening.


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Hair drug screening kits

Hair drug screening kits are quite reliable. The drug test result can even revel about the drug is taken ninety days prior to the test. Multiple drugs can be tested through hair drug testing. Hair sample can be taken from any part of the body.  Browse here in order to know more about the drug test kit.

Spray drug screening kits

These drug kits are used less as compared to drug testing kit mentioned above. The main benefit of these drug testing kit is one cannot manipulate or adulterate the sample. The numbers of drug that can be tested through this technique are lesser in number.