Dyeing Methods of Fabric

Colors create magic on every fabric and so we feel like purchasing these fabrics immediately after a first glance.

With the absorption of dynamic ingredients characteristically ranged from 20% to 80%, these are differentiating as a new variety of coloring and are developed for similar with the necessities of new expertise, new types of fabrics, detergents, advances in coloring machinery, Conquering severe biological concerns created by some existing dyes.

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Industrial textile colors are developed to assemble all new and precise end requirements with approximately every product subjected to regular demand and difference between the products.

Actually, the fast altering products profile of fabric industry right from high-cost cotton fabrics to strong & flexible synthetic fibers has also been a fast transformation in the patterns of consumption of these color.

Textile dyes are used in the textile industry and now mostly that are synthetic dyes. Colorful threads are basically made with the colorful dyes and thread.

These colorful dyes are made with two different sources like Coal Tar and Petroleum founded intermediates and these dyes are traded in various forms like pastes, powders, Granules, and liquid dispersions.

Now a day's polyester is used in major companies for dye consumption even it is forecasted that the use of polyester dyes will increase high in future.