Know All About Massage

Massage is probably the oldest and simplest form of medical treatment. Egyptian tomb paintings show people being massaged. Massage has been practiced continuously since ancient times in Eastern culture.

It was one of the main methods for relieving pain for Greek and Roman doctors. Julius Caesar is said to have been massaged every day to treat neuralgia (nerve pain).

Types of General Massage

Massage therapists can specialize in more than 80 types of massage, called modalities. Check out the best packages of massage in Long Island NY if you are planning to visit there.

Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure (similar to acupuncture but without needles), sports massage, and neuromuscular massage are just a few of the many approaches to massage therapy.

Most massage therapists specialize in several modalities, which require different techniques. Some use excessive blows that cover the length of body parts (such as the feet), while others use fast punches, such as percussion with their hands cupped or closed. Massage can last for 2 to 3 hours or as short as 5 or 10 minutes.

Usually, the type of massage given depends on the client's needs and physical condition. For example, therapists can use special techniques for elderly clients that they will not use for athletes, and they will use approaches for clients with injuries that are not suitable for clients who seek relaxation.

Also, some forms of massage are given only for one type of client; for example, prenatal massage and baby massage are given for pregnant women and new mothers respectively.