List of Machines Used in Heavy Earthmoving


Excavate, grading the soil and rock are some of the work heavy earthmoving machines are capable of doing. Heavy duty machines are also used in getting handling, demolition or construction work done apart from the earth related work. If you aspire to become a professional in this industry, then these are some of the machines used in this field.

  1. Bulldozers – A popular and a handy machine used in the construction industry. Known to be reliable and a strong equipment, bulldozers are used to dig the dirt and make space for other purposes. Due to being heavy in weight, boulders can be easily crushed by this equipment.
  2. Excavators – Probably the most popular machine in the earthmoving industry is the excavators. Heavy-duty equipment that is known to include a cab with the help of an arm-like structure capable of rotating 36o degrees. The main operator sits inside the cab and then operates the machine with the help of clear visibility. Handling materials, demolishing a structure, grading rough surfaces are some of the work carried out by excavators.
  3. Skid-Steer Loaders –A small-sized machine known to be popular in the construction industry. This machine has wheels on them making it easy to move around along with attachments that can be used for drilling, blowing snow, digging etc.
  4. Dump Trucks – Another handy machine used for the transportation of debris and dirt away from the work site. Not only are these trucks used for dumping waste materials, they are also used to transport useful materials to the work site.

In Brisbane, earthmovers are becoming very popular in their line of work.