Thumb-Sucking Could Cause Dental Problems

Children suck their thumbs when they are bored, tired or in need of comfort. Thumb-sucking child goes to bed early and did not have trouble sleeping. It has been found that the percentage of infants who have a habit of thumb sucking them varies between 75% and 95%. Get to know more about how to stop thumb sucking via reading online.

The normal behavior of Thumb-Sucking

A large number of children start sucking their thumb or fingers at a very young age. Even some of the kids started when they were in the womb. Sucking is a natural reflex baby and therefore finds comfort in sucking.

Thumb-sucking child may get – buck teeth, open bite, crossbite and crowding of teeth. It is not necessary that the habit of thumb sucking causes tooth movements in all cases.


  • Praise the child whenever he stopped sucking his thumb and avoid punishing a child in this account. Be positive and supportive.
  • Every time a child feels unsafe or needs comfort starts sucking his thumb. Therefore you have to eliminate the reasons that cause anxiety and make the child feel comfortable.
  • Observe the time when children tend to suck up and turned his attention to this time.
  • If a child tries to talk with the child's parents and find methods to stop by involving him.
  • If your child on the dot you could use Snip N 'Clip How to get rid of this habit. Clip end dot every week and children will begin to lose interest in sucking it over a period of time.
  • Make your dentist explain to the children about what is happening on the teeth due to thumb sucking.
  • Lastly, you can try wrapping the thumb or putting a sock in hand or coat the thumb/finger with mouth bitter medicine or use equipment.