Why And How To Learn Tableau

I am a Tableau professional. I was first introduced to Tableau when I was attending a business intelligence class in Texas. From there my passion for data analytics grew, especially when I started working for a reputed firm there only.

In the company, I used to create dashboards for my team. The exposure to Tableau revealed the power of communicating the data effectively. I have never taken a formal training under any tableau consultant.

What is Tableau

But the internet has provided me enough information to start my career in this field. Here is how and why I learned Tableau software:

Make a Tableau Public profile.

To be an expert in data visualization requires a lot of practice and hard work. As you practice, I would recommend you to upload your work to your profile. As you continue to improve your skills publish more vizzes, at the same time, you will be creating an online portfolio of your work.

Data Visualization with Tableau

This portfolio will really be helpful when you will be looking for your first job. For most of the companies a public portfolio has become the most important part of their hiring process; as it gives the company a much better viewpoint of the creativity, technical skills and design aesthetic of the candidate.

To get a good job, you may also join a tableau training course in your area, where you will get to learn new updates on this particular software.

Tableau Online Training

Determine your passion.

Whatsoever your passion may be, there is data out there for you to discover. Look at the Tableau Public’s page every day for at least one month. You will get to learn new techniques.

Get involved in the community.

Next, I would recommend you to get indulged with some data related websites like Make over money and participate in their program, regardless of your skill level.


These types of websites provide you with an interesting data set. Then, you have to create a viz based on the given data set to tell a story in a more clear way than the original and publish it to Tableau Public. You will immediately connect to other participants of the exercise.

You can get an instant response and will get an opportunity to see different visual approaches to the same data set. You may also join a Tableau User Group in your city. They are the best way to meet new people and know how they are using Tableau.

You may read more about tableau software via the web.